Aerial Drone Filming

Introducing our Aerial Drone Filming.

Our licensed drone operators have “permission for aerial work” from the C.A.A, and can provide stunning aerial sequences from scenic landscape shots showing off your site and the grounds surrounding it, to fast paced action shots to really make your video stand out. We have £5m public liability insurance.  

Show your business from a new perspective and choose aerial for your video.

Aerial Drone Filming FAQ

What are the altitude restrictions?

The maximum altitude we will fly to is 400ft as airplanes can fly as low as 500ft. This gives us a buffer distance of 100ft as safety is one of our top priorities.

Can you fly in no fly zones?

We have the ability to fly almost anywhere in the world but some area’s such as military bases and airports have strict no fly zones in place.

Will the weather impact on filming?

Adverse weather conditions can impact our ability to fly such as high speed winds, storms and rain. In order to do the best job for our clients we will try to chose days with good weather conditions to get the best possible footage.

How much does it cost?

All quotes are individual on a job by job basis as distance and length of projects vary. However we always aim to keep our clients happy by giving the most competitive quotes possible.

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