Our Process

Stages of Production – Our Process for Video and Project Plan


Company Briefing Meeting

We take a lot of notes and ask quite a few questions from our initial meeting with our clients. At this stage its not only important that we fully understand but also what the film needs to achieve. We outline this importance by asking a devised set of questions. The answers that we receive are vital to the style and creation of the video. This is also a very important for the client to meet us face to face and ask us any questions that they feel will help the production flow. We pride ourselves in being very organized but also flexible to our client’s requirements throughout each production.

Pre-Production – Stage 1 – Storyboard, scripting and provisional art production


Concept Development

We begin by brainstorming different ideas with the team, so that we have a variety of approaches that we could take with the film. We use an old fashioned whiteboard and pen and lots of post-its to devise a strategy. This strategy and style of production that we propose is then fed back to the client for feedback.

We then write a script and illustrate a storyboard for the visuals, so that we could plan a beginning, middle and end of the film before production. The script and storyboard are vital to all of our video productions as they allow us to see and hear how the film will look on paper first before we pick up the camera. We begin by writing an outline / treatment and devising a script (if a voice over is required). We use this script / outline to illustrate a wireframe storyboard, which is worked up into more detail and colour, is added before sending to the client again for approval and feedback.

Location Recce

Where possible we like to visit the location we are filming in and meet the people that are filming prior to the production day so that we can see the best way to position our cameras and know where to position the interviewee also. Performing a location recce enables us to look at shots that we want to capture, which help us to devise a shot list and plan the shoot fully.

Production- Stage 2

On the day of filming, our crew who can be anything from a two person crew or larger but usually consisting of a Director and cameraman will arrive at the location an hour before the interviewee to set up all production equipment. Using our professional ultra high definition camera equipment with 4K resolutions we film all required footage, which has been agreed at the pre-production stages by the client.

Post-Production- Stage 3

When all the footage has been captured we begin the editing. We edit all footage together using our edit suites with the latest editing programs, animation and motion graphics and colour grading. If the video is to be transcribed we ensure that the correct transcription and subtitles are added. The first edit is a rough cut (off line edit) which assembles all of the footage in the order that we believe makes sense to the
story. We add titles, and or graphics and music and provide approval copies to the client. This is as a secure link to the video with a private password.

Delivery- Stage 4

Once the client is completely satisfied with the video we send the final video in MP4 format as a downloadable link.

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