Benefits Of Animation

When people contact us about video, they are often thinking about using live footage of real places and people. But when it comes to complex jobs it can be difficult to see how the live filming will be able to show the detail. That’s where animation comes in.

Animation is very beneficial for people who work in complicated or highly technical industries. Where a products defining details are hidden or too minute to see, animation allows us to create aspects of the product that aren’t easily visible in real life so potential customers can better perceive the important parts of a product. Whilst working on a video for laser optics company LumOptica, we had to recreate the behaviour of a laser that often goes unnoticed by the human eye so people could comprehend how their work helps combat certain issues in their field.

Animation is also a stylistic choice for some. Often companies approach us for animated videos because they simply prefer it, or maybe they are targeting a younger audience. Animation holds many advantages in this area. Since we can create all the assets ourselves we are able to manipulate characters and objects to behave in whatever way we need, and also use the branding and colour of your business. It also opens up more options with camera angles, transitions, and effects that would be very difficult or expensive to do it real life.

Animation has many advantages, and here at Mediabox we have many years experience in various animation styles and designs. If you think your business or service would benefit from an animated video, use our brief builder or contact us directly.