Introducing our Video Editing Service.

Did you know that we can professionally edit your video footage using our in-house state of the art industry standard software and editors?  We have in-house industry standard editing facilities  which are kept up to date using the latest software.

We can edit many types of footage that have been recorded elsewhere.  Just send us the highest quality version you have.  This will help us to preserve as much of the quality as possible.

Do you have lots of old mini DV tapes, VHS or other tapes lying around the house?  You have probably filmed many a special memory using your home camera, iPad or phone but you are not quite sure what to do with it. We have the specialist software and editors to be able to transform your footage.

No longer will your footage be lying around the house in a format that you can’t watch. Our video editing service can help.  You can watch and enjoy those special moments again on DVD or MP4.

Your footage could be from a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, graduation or family holiday.  Or maybe it is some video footage from a business event or a previous video. We can edit your clips together, remove scenes you don’t want anymore, add titles, background music and add any transitions you might want.

This will bring your footage to life and bring new life to your special memories. Once edited to your requirements we will provide the finished edit as Mp4 and/or DVD dependent on your requirements.

We can also edit other formats so please just ask about our video editing service.

Please get in touch for prices and discuss your ideas with us.  Each price will be different dependant on the edit requirements.

tel: 0115 9881641. email: