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Broadcast Professional
Voice Over artists
clarity and warmth

All of our voice over artists are broadcast professionals who have voiced for TV and radio worldwide.

Please take a listen to some of our voice over artists. These have been recorded with our artists natural style. They can all adapt their tone and style to meet your needs for the project. If there is one you would like to use please ask for them by their name.

Please press the play button to listen:


Phil Voiceover
Darren Voiceover
Erik Voiceover
Rob Voiceover
Todd Voiceover
Mark Voiceover
Jay Voiceover
Andy Voiceover
Steve Voiceover
Michael Voiceover
Simon Voiceover
Liam Voiceover
Tony Voiceover
Bryan Voiceover
Rob G Voiceover


Polly Voiceover
Janine Voiceover
Clare Voiceover
Elizabeth Voiceover
Lorraine Voiceover
Natalie Voiceover
Rachael Voiceover
Emma Voiceover
Jenny Voiceover
Taryn Voiceover
Ally Voiceover
Alexia Voiceover
Fran Voiceover

If these don’t meet your requirements we can source other voice over artists to meet your needs. Please see our portfolio to hear some of our voice over artists in action on our projects.

See our PortfolioVideoAnimationWeb Design

Voice Box FAQ

Can I use my own voice for the voiceover?

For a professional product we would recommend using a professional voice over artist who can deliver your script with clarity and confidence. This is the first voice your customers will hear when they view your company video, so it is important it sounds professional. Our professional artists can adapt their tone, style and speed of delivery to suit your requirements.

I like the sound of one of the voice over artists but can they change their style?

Our voice over artist can adapt their style, tone and accent to meet your requirements. This could be: regional accents, characterisations, narrations, radio voice. Please just let us know your requirements.

Do I get chance to review the voiceover once it is on my video?

With all our projects you will have two chances to make amendments before the project is finalised.

What if I don’t like any of the example voice over artists?

In the unlikely event of this, our first option would be to understand the style you require. If our artists are unable to adapt their style then we will source other artists for your project.