Are you wanting people to discover your website?  Do you feel like when you key in a few words into a search engine, your web page should come up at the top but it doesn’t?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a term for the processes that webmasters use to boost their sites’ chances of ranking well in search engines, such as Google.

The following are some tips that we would like to share to help you increase your chances of appearing higher up in the search engine ranking.



SEO is ultimately about people.  Everything you do, should have the end user in mind – their behaviour, intentions and relevance.  If your site has high quality content and links from reputable sources, it will be higher as users know that they can trust your site for accurate and up to date content.   Those that know you and trust you will visit your site organically (direct).


If your website appears on other “trusted” sites, Google uses this to elevate your ranking because like gaining business, if other companies trust you enough to include your business on their website this shows Google that you deserve a higher place in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

If your site has more social media likes, you will rank higher than a competitor.  These are called back links and are extremely important especially if they come from other trusted and popular sites.


Everything on your site should be structured so that it cannot only be found by users, but also the search engine spiders and bots. There should be a well organised site map, with use of key words to help navigate around.

Stick to your specialisms and write about these topics.  The more you write relevant content, the higher up the search engine ranking you will become.

The content and key phrases that you write on your site, will keep users on your page – this is often termed as on site SEO.

Keyword research is incredibly important in order to rank higher in the search results.    In simple terms, SEO means optimizing all your online content so that’s it’s easily discoverable by these search engines.  For example, if you are a restaurant in Nottingham you want to be found for this when someone types this into Google, however you might also be an Italian restaurant in Nottingham so this would be a very important keyword to list that would increase your results on being searched and found on Google. This is not an overnight process though and takes time to build up.  If you search for video production Nottingham, you should find Mediabox Productions.

Your page content needs to include keywords within the URL, in headings, and in the text itself.    Adding Alt tags to images also increase the relevance on the search engine.  And not to forget video content – as this can be found in its very own category on Google search, it’s important to tag any relevant video content that you have as this can improve SEO rankings.

Keep an eye on what keywords your competitors are using as they could rank higher.


Are you engaging your users?   You need to be the top site that users come to for your product or service.  You need to make sure that it is easy to navigate to the relevant service, that the website interface is built so that the user can find what they’re looking for quickly and that they have an enjoyable experience on your site.

Google factors in the time spent on the website, pages per session, click through rate and bounce rate.

Ensuring that your webpage can be accessed across all devices easily is also important.  This term is called “responsive”.    Also, consider how long it takes to load a website and remove any large files that can prevent the page loading quickly.  Images should also be optimised for relevance and speed to view them.

Finally SEO monitoring and audit should be an ongoing activity as it is important to ensure that you are monitoring competition, ensuring relevance and that all pages and content are optimised.