Ever wondered what it takes to produce an animation?

This is a very brief insight into the world of animation.

Here is our behind the scenes look at Animation.
The first part of the animation journey is to devise a concept for the animation. We spend time to understand your message and what you would like the animation to achieve. We draw out ideas, images and our thoughts for the project on paper.

This is known as storyboarding. Using the script to outline the scenes you would like to animate to tell the story. The storyboards are essentially like a comic strip visually representing each part of the story. Here is an image of one page of a storyboard we used for one of our clients, The Travel Snob. It was discussed at the initial meeting that we would use a combination of 2D/3D animation to tell the story. After the storyboards have been agreed, we move onto creating preliminary visuals.

Once the storyboard and script has been created we then start to build the animation.

This starts with the modelling process using shapes to create a wireframe so that we can explore how the animation scenes will flow.

This is a wireframe of an animation before we add detail and colour.



This is the scene from The Travel Snob Animation where the suitcases are travelling in the airport. These scenes are refined and changed as we go along so that the end wireframe design is perfect with no rough edges.

Here is the finished animation. As you can see the wire frame you saw of the suitcases are easily recognisable in the stripped down version. Once detail and colour has been added along with the background the cases are far more life like.



This video received over 9,500 in the first 24hrs…

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