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directions sign for digital marketing audit

The Journey begins….

Every one of us have experienced a journey in the past.  We review where we are right now, we plan where we want to go and consequently we research how to get there and the most effective way to do this.  This analogy can be applied to a digital marketing audit!

A digital marketing audit, analyses everything that you have done, reviews your marketing environment and uncovers why there are problems.  It explores where you are going and what solutions should be implemented and how you are going to assess ongoing performance.

At Mediabox, one of the first things we do when working with a new business is to look at the existing marketing strategies and explore what works and what doesn’t.

We also look into any analytics to review performance on all social media and your web page.

Plan a strategic recommendation report?

From this, we make a strategic recommendations report and create an action plan.  With all data now analysed you can set future goals and bench mark against current status. Social media, news and blogs can now be aligned with the new strategy.

Ultimately, by having an audit, businesses can allocate the resources and budgets to what is working and should see an increase return on investment (ROI) on each marketing campaign.

Ongoing monitoring and audit

With the marketing strategy now implemented, the overall marketing performance of the business can now be monitored.  This may be monthly, quarterly, or how often you decide. At the meetings, targets are reviewed along with all performance data and relevant changes are made in accordance with this.

How has an audit with Mediabox helped a business?

In Summary, with this complete package you will be able to fully understand where your business was, where it is currently and where it could be in the future.

Our website includes a whole portfolio of work showing how we have helped businesses in the past following an audit. This is because we are able to then set goals and objectives.  For example, one business, Brown Dog Interiors owner put the video on their new website and social media and received over 1,000 viewers in less than 24 hours and the website attracted new customers nationwide.

For Hucknall Sheet Metal Ltd, we developed an easy to navigate website, with all their services laid out in an easily accessible way promoting the user to read more and have a more enjoyable user experience (UX).

And also for Goodman Metalworks, we created personas for the type of customer that would visit the website and designed the website layout and build with this in mind.

Let us plan your business journey to ensure that you arrive at your destination with no bumps in the road.

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