I must admit when you are working for a broadcasting giant like the BBC you definitely feel at the top of your game. you receive the highest level of media training in camera operation, video editing, graphics and eventually you get to become the Director of News.

So why you may ask would I give that all up and start my own video production business? You would be right to ask that question. Expecially in today’s economic climate where starting a business is hard and the competition is fierce.

My only answer is that when you feel that you have reached the top, the only way to go is back down and I have don sit that. I needed a fresh challenge and starting my own buiness was it. That was 2010 and six years on me and my team of broadcast professionals have produced videos for small medium and large sized companies using the same industry standard techniques and equipment.

We have shot promotion videos for NHS, British Council, Skills, Holiday Inn, Nottingham Forest, British Canoeing to name but a few. Take a look at Our Clients list for many more.

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