Filming in our Green Screen Studio

Many businesses are using short introduction videos as a start to using video in their marketing. These can be a very effective way of introducing your company giving a brief overview of the services you offer. We are going to talk you through the process of producing a simple introductory video using our studio and green screen . This is our starter package and more complex videos can be achieved as required.

How does the process work?

Mediabox Productions GraphicPre-Production:

1. Think about the kind of topics you would like to talk about.

This could be topics relating to your core business and how you can help with your services

A video blog or Vlog on projects that you have been working on

A breakdown of your services in bite sized chunks, which you release through your social media

How to guides, providing people with insight of your expertise.

2. What does your audience want to know about?

How can you help them save time, save money, take the pain away from a specific task

What makes your product/service unique

What are your recent projects and how helped.

3. We then work with your ideas for what you would like to say to finalise the script.

An outline of your script is reviewed and our expert writing team, will offer guidence as to make it sound more broadcast friendly.

We ensure that all of your key messages are in the final script and that you have plenty of time to review this.

4. We recommend that you practice or ideally memorise what you would like to say so that the process in the studio is as comfortable as possible for you without you having to worry about what you are going to say. But if you would prefer we can have your words on our tele-prompter so that you can seamlessly look into the camera whilst reading your pre-prepared script.

Reading out loud in front of a mirror will help you to project your voice, so it’s less daunting when you sit in front of the camera.

5. We discuss what you should be wearing before the shoot.

No blue or green items of clothing should be worn, so that you don’t blend in with the green screen and become just a floating head.

Any stripes or fine dots on clothing should also be avoided, as this can sometimes create a strobe effect on camera.

6. We discuss what backgrounds you would like adding during the edit.

Your brand colours are ideal to use as a background, as your video should be seen as an extension of your company and blend seemlessly in with your website and other making material.

7. We suggest background music.

We have over 100,000 bespoke music tracks to choose from, we select 3 or 4 that we think work well for your video and let you choose from this selection. We offer suggestions on creating the right mood and tone.

8. You send us your brand guidelines, logo and text you would like on-screen.

Your logo can either be used throughout your video or at the end, with a call to action and contact details.

Mediabox Productions Video Production


1. The filming will take place at our studio in Mapperley and will take between 1 – 2hrs.
2. You will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable before we start any filming.
3. The green screen will be appropriately lit and lighting situated appropriately to light you at your best.
4. Once you are in position in front of the green screen we will put you at ease and allow time to run through what you would like to say.
5. We will set up the microphone and attach it securely. Once you are ready we will start to film.
6. During the filming process we will be watching and listening at all times to ensure we capture you at your best.
7. Be prepared to record a number of takes so we can make sure we have all the footage required.
8. Once filming is complete you will be free to leave the studio and we will begin Post-Production.

Mediabox Productions animation


1. We will transfer the footage to Premiere Pro to prepare for the edit.
2. Once imported to Premiere we will choose the best footage and piece it together on the timeline.
3. We will key out the green and add the chosen background and frame you correctly.
4. Your logo will be placed on screen with appropriate on screen text and call to action.
5. Music will be added.
6. The final edit will be rendered and encoded.
7. Your video will be uploaded privately to Vimeo for first approval
8. You will have two approval stages before the final video is uploaded/sent to you.

Recent Introductory Videos

Using our Green Screen Studio we worked with Hannah Sookias from Sookias Media to produce a short introduction video to explain what marketing consultancy is and how it can help your business.

Oliver Westell from Access Intelligent Services filmed a short introductory video explaining the services they can provide.

If you would like to have your introduction video filmed please contact us on Tel:0115 9881641 or email: