“We are getting more bookings now our customers can see how good our food looks.”

This was the feedback we received from one of our clients who we helped to promote their business with a promotional video.

When Vivo Italian restaurant asked us to film their 8th Birthday anniversary celebration, their goal was for us to simply record the event to mark their milestone of years in business. We spoke to the Managing Director about their menu of excellent Italian food and drink and suggested that we feature shots of their plentiful plates of food being cooked in their open kitchen and served to hungry diners. They agreed and we were able to capture the atmosphere of their evening showcasing the fun and enjoyable spirit that Vivo customers enjoy. We ensured that each shot of the food was perfectly framed and close enough that it would feel that the viewer could touch, taste an smell.

Our ultra high definition 4k cinema cameras are excellent at adding depth to each shot so that the foreground really pops out against the background and this enables us to capture shots that feel real to the viewer.



Another restaurant, which we were pleased to promote was Home Bar. Now called the Town House since changing ownership. Through this video we wanted to show the viewer what it is like to enter the restaurant for the first time. We wanted to convey that as the doors open you enter a welcoming atmosphere with mouth-watering shots of various food being served from the hot plate. The feedback that we received from this video from the viewer was that they always felt hungry watching.

Please view the video here and see if you agree.


We would like to do the same for your restaurant. We can provide a bespoke video, which can feature your sumptuous sides, mouth-watering mains and delightful desserts, not to mention capturing your wonderful atmosphere.

Please contact us on 0115 9881641 or email info@mediaboxproductions.co.uk