So what is the difference between your usual videographer and Mediabox Productions?

One of our unique selling points is our BBC trained Creative Director as well as our story telling abilities. This makes us stand out to ensure any film produced by us reflects the clients personality and professionalism.

Yes you can film yourself on your phone/tablet, use Facebook live or pay a small amount for a cameraman to come and film you. Yes you would have a film that just about does the job. These have their place……but does this really reflect your professional business?

Pre-production is the key to our storytelling. Not all companies do this. They just turn up and shoot. With Mediabox, nothing gets filmed or animated until the client has approved the storyboards/shot list. This way every client knows what they are getting from the start. More importantly how they are getting value for money.

Next is the Production. As you may have gathered we don’t just send out a cameraman! Every shoot will have at least our Director there ensuring the perfect shot every time. This not only saves time, but saves the clients money, as they are not paying for extra unnecessary footage. (Unless this is what they want of course.) All filming is done in 4K, which means cinema quality.

Next is the Post-Production. This is where even more magic happens! Our editors pull all the footage, music, voiceover, text and any other images or animations together, working their movie magic. At Mediabox we only use industry standard software, not freebies that you can download that just about do the job.

At Mediabox it is all about telling your story in a way that reflects you, whilst giving the highest quality and showing your business off in a professional manner to help you achieve more business.