Mediabox Productions has been fantastic in helping bringing our ideas to life in an animated video. Nick and his team have worked very hard to help us create a video which illustrates the LLEP’s achievements and the final video is fantastic. We love the creative animations which help to explain our programmes and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback about how great the video looks.

- Tiffany Freeman, Marketing & Communications Officer LLEP


This video will be used by the LLEP in presentations to highlight the success of their projects.

We successfully won a competitive tender to produce an infographic animation to highlight the extensive distribution of funding through projects carried out by the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership. Our methodology in producing this animation was to break it down into three stages. Focusing heavily on the pre-production style storyboard, brand guidelines and colour schemes that the LLEP uses. We decided to use the outline of Leicestershire within a map view and place all of the animation around this using famous Leicester and Leicestershire iconic places. There was a lot of information to get across in such a short space of time so we concentrated on keeping to the facts and letting the animation fill in the gaps.

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