Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network

Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network Promotional Video

Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network is a group of manufacturing businesses who through regular meetings and events can share best practice and ideas in the manufacturing industry. They asked us to create a video and website.

We wanted to portray how the network supports local businesses and after discussions with Mark Goldby the Chair of the Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network, it was clear that he valued the opinions of the members and was keen for individual members to give an overview and testimonial of how the network has helped them. We wanted to show that the network is made up of a diverse range of businesses, so picked 5 manufacturing companies that displayed different ways of manufacturing in the East Midlands. Through a series of interviews and shots of their manufacturing processes we were able to craft a powerful video that is an honest account of what the network portrays. As the video was going to be shown at a launch event, we also created an animation to form the introduction and combine this with a powerful soundtrack to grab the viewers attention from start to finish.

Thanks Mediabox Productions. Really enjoyed the process and certainly pleased with the end result.

- Mark Goldby, Chair of Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network

Nottingham Oncology responsive image

Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network Website

The Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network also required a fully responsive website as part of their re-launch. So we again felt it was important to show a refection of the members on the home page in the way of business directory. This also displays the diverse range of businesses within the network. We also produced and animated UK map to highlight the importance of manufacturing in the UK and East Midlands.


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