Video – the “new normal”

Really want a video but unsure of how it will work?

So as the world changes we stay the same. We are still the friendly, reliable company that helps our clients by marketing their business, product or service through video.

Although we have made a few changes to stay in line with government guidelines. Firstly, like many other businesses we decided to work from our homes, as the digital service that we provide doesn’t have to be fixed to one location. All of our crew and cast are regularly health checked and their temperatures are taken before every shoot we undertake. Before any equipment leaves the studio we ensure that it has all been cleaned ready for the days filming. Before, during and on location all of our crew members wash their hands, wear the appropriate PPE equipment and always observe the two-meter distance rules, by using radio / boom / pole mics.

Our cameras film in 4K Ultra HD resolutions which means that we can get extremely close to the action without having to physically move. We capture crisp sharp video footage safely and ensure that our clients feel relaxed and calm in front of the camera.

Prior to filming we use our video production process of pre-production so that every part of the shoot is fully planned. Using detailed storyboards approved before the shoot takes place ensures that we only film what is required and this enables us to work quickly on location without disruption to our client’s working days.

Where possible we would suggest filming outdoors for safety reasons and plan the shoot details with the client ahead of production so that every part of the shoot is fully planned and safe.

After filming we clean all equipment used and store safely until the next shoot. Would you like to talk to us about your next video project ?