Our Creative Director Nick set up Mediabox Productions in April 2009. An amazing ten years ago now. Nick has an impressive 20 year broadcast history working for corporations which included: BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Over this time video production has changed significantly and with it so has Mediabox Productions. When Mediabox Productions started we only offered Video Production. These days we offer Video Production, Animation and Web Design as well as support with marketing and social media.

Each year enables us to reflect on all the happy clients we have worked with and celebrate the many videos Mediabox Productions has produced over the years. We have been going through our film archives over recent months and reviewing how the films have been produced and the impact they have had on the clients themselves.

Clients who have benefitted from our video production service range from independent businesses, from restaurants, sole traders to large manufacturers, education authorities, solicitors, healthcare and county councils. All have been extremely rewarding to work with. It is a privilege to meet and work with such a variety of clients around the UK.

At Mediabox Productions we believe that everyone has a story to tell. We love meeting our clients to find out their story and translate this into their unique story for them through video.

In more recent years the demand for animation has grown enabling us to show peoples stories in a different way. This enables us to show parts of a clients business through images which may not be represented so well using video footage.

Websites was a natural development for Mediabox Productions as clients would often want a video to put on their website but would soon realise that their website need a refresh and updating also. So again in more recent years we are able to offer this service independently or as part of a package with a video.

We provide a full service from script to screen, which means that we are the people who meet with you to discuss your ideas. We then create the script and storyboard before we pick up a camera, design a great looking website, animate a scene for your business.

We would love to add you to our client list. Please get in touch.

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