Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 is the summer blockbuster this year. As a video production, motion graphics and animation company we are always keen to grab the popcorn and watch it on the big screen in its full glory.

We knew that a lot of work and many hours went into the production, but as always we were keen to here about the pre-production, which is the fundamental starting point in the production pipeline.

Building storyboards and sketching the sequences, character poses, positioning of the camera, correct use of shading, colour and lighting, set building and art visualisation are the key elements to any successful production.

We were pleased that our animation process at Mediabox Productions mirrored that of Disney and Pixar. For every animation project that we undertake we use the storyboard as the foundation and build the project from there.

Our illustrators and design team work together to create the right look and feel, often using the clients brand guidelines we ensure that the overall style is inline with our clients, website, logo, print material and signage. When we create bespoke characters for example we use their branding colours in the clothing they wear.


The story is written and each scene and frame is carefully thought through and illustrated to fit with the narrative, script and overall message of the video. We use these storyboards created as the start point for the final animation.


Our editors then create an animatic from these storyboards and a loose guide track and temporary dialogue is applied, so that we can see how the scenes will work and this is sent to the client for feedback.

Character and background design

Concept artwork and character design research is the next step, ensuring that we create a bespoke world, which fits the brief and our clients vision.


Mainly used in our 3D animations, modeling is the process of crafting the character in the three-dimensional space and tweaking, sculpting and refining until the character starts to take form.


When we need our characters to move we have to rig them with a moveable body and head, complete with arm and leg movement and facial expressions.

Shading and lighting

The characters would appear flat, so we use the correct balance of shading and lighting to add depth and definition to each character, scene and backgrounds.

Voice over

Once we have applied all the movement and facial expressions to the characters we record the script using one of our professional voice over artists. They add the right tone for each character and their voice is edited in.

Sound Effects and Music

To add further depth and impact to our animations we add the appropriate sound effects and uplifting music.

Render, Export and delivery

Once all the animation is complete we need to convert the 25 frames per second into a final 2 or 3-minute video. This is why render the timeline and prepare it for export and delivery in the highest quality possible.

And Voila!

The animation is ready to shared online, or on the big screen! Popcorn ready! Enjoy!

If we can help you with your next animation and you would like to discuss ideas for a project we would love to hear from you. Contact Mediabox Productions on 0115 9881641 or email info@mediaboxproductions.co.uk