Why We Film Everything in 4K

At Mediabox Productions we film everything in 4K as apposed to HD. You may be wondering why, and what the difference is between 4K and HD.

Higher Resolution

We film at 4K because it is a higher resolution than HD (there’s a reason its called Ultra HD); in fact it’s the best quality in the world until 8K becomes available (Ultra Ultra HD?). It is 4 times the quality of HD, because it contains 4 times the amount of pixels, so we can zoom in and scale the image up or down without losing quality or becoming pixelated or blurry.


Another big advantage of 4K is the contrast and colour. 4K allows for more contrast so you get better distinction between blacks and whites, and between different colours. Alongside this the colours are more vibrant, so the mix of bright colours and the contrast improving distinction between them makes for incredibly attractive images, which are considered to be close to the standards of cinema screens.

We Love 4K

When it comes to us at Mediabox Productions, we love 4K because we can colour grade the image in editing. This means we can film the footage “flat” (without the high contrast and colour) and then use editors to put the colour back in, and that makes the image easier to manipulate, so we can improve contrast, colour, brightness, and many other adjustable settings to get the desired effect and maximum quality out of the image.

If you want high quality 4K videos for your company, use our brief builder to get started or contact us on 0115 9881641 or email: info@mediaboxproductions.co.uk

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