How Viewing Habits Have Changed.

Peoples viewing habits frequently change, with recent years seeing a move from TV and cinema screens to online video (think Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) Now they’re changing again, with 90% of Twitter videos and 60% of YouTube views coming from mobile devices (stats shared by Twitter and YouTube themselves). But why the switch?

Motive For Moving

Well one motive for moving to mobile is the increase in data speeds. When people look at phone contracts they often look at how much data they’re getting, and if its not 4G its not worth it. Because people can get online faster and for longer periods of time, it means people can watch video or visit websites whilst on the train, waiting for a bus, or any other scenario where they don’t have a wifi connection.

Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi is another reason for people watching on mobile. Every pub, restaurant, and cafe has a Wi-Fi connection of their own, so when people are out and about they can easily get online. Here in Nottingham we even have free citywide Wi-Fi, so you can sit in any park or walk down any street and still get on social media.

Social Media

Talking of social media, the sites are putting increased emphasis on video content. Over 1 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day, and all the new social sites are designed to be viewed on mobile. People are jumping on social media at every opportunity, and chances are you want to post content there too to get the maximum amount of viewers. Smart move, however, is your video optimized for social platforms? Facebook and Twitter only accept videos up to 720p, so if the video is 4K or HD it wont fit and you’ll have to scale it down, and Instagram is something else entirely. Instagram is know for limiting its users to a 1:1 square, so if you have a landscape video (which you probably do) then it’s going to get cropped and you will lose some content. Instagram puts an increased focus on vertical video, so much so they recently released IGTV, a YouTube rival that is exclusively long form portrait video. At Mediabox we optimize videos for all platforms, so if you need the video on Instagram we’ll make sure it is scaled correctly and retains quality.


People are now constantly connected 24/7 whether in or out the house, and you need to make sure your content is viewable on mobile devices. Mediabox create every website to be viewed on desktop and mobile, so no matter how people access it its easy to view and responsive, and all our videos are optimised accordingly so they keep quality and perform well on any device or platform.

If you need a responsive, mobile friendly website, contact Mediabox so we can update your current site or make a brand new one for you. And if you want to make the most out of the video viewing world, use our brief builder to get started on bespoke, creative, and mobile ready video.  Tel: 0115 9881641

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