Working with new client to revolutionise carrier tape

So, to you and me the micro-chip is a vital part of all modern day technology. But did you know that in order for pick and place machines and robots to place the micro-chips onto the circuit board they firstly have to be picked from a pocket holding the chip and this comes in the form of carrier tape.

We have been working with a new client, Adaptsys to produce a promotional video and animation to highlight the importance of their machine the Reflex II. This clever machine holds one reel of carrier tape and can customise each pocket to hold the micro-chips in.

We recently filmed at one of their client’s factories in Luton with their staff and an actress to show how easy and efficient the Reflex II is. How the process of changing the reels can be performed in less than five minutes and most importantly how this revolutionary machine can save you time, storage and money.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps of our day filming with the reflex II and the final video and animation is nearing completion, ready to be shown on the clients website, and at exhibitions and events.