Great Scott Marty….is this the future?

What has lockdown meant for Mediabox productions?

So when we started the business back in 2008, things looked slightly different than they do today! Having been in business for 11 years we have seen many different situations that have made it more difficult to survive as a UK family business, but we are proud to be still going and thrilled to be getting our creative brains working again to embrace this “new normal”. Yes we have been quiet during this period of lockdown and you may have been wondering what we have been doing. Well like the rest of the world this has meant working in a different way. It gave us that precious time back to be with our families and look at the world with fresh eyes and value what is around us. It also gave us the opportunity to revise and repurpose our services so that we can continue to work flexibly to meet our ever-changing world.

This has meant embracing our digital world more and conducting meetings online. We have been able to offer a more consultant led approach to offering advice on how people can also do this themselves in an effective and professional looking way. This has involved consultations, on their location, background, foreground, lighting, sound and presentation. We have been working with the education sector to offer support in teaching younger aspiring filmmakers and also repurposing video content for our clients to demonstrate how they are working now.

For more information on our new services check out this link here:

Like everyone we are approaching the new way of living and working in a tentative manner but also excited to grow and develop our work to help support businesses grow and promote their new ways of working as much as our own.

We have followed all of the government guidelines and have ensured that we continue to operate in a “safety first” manner. All of our staff and freelance operators wear face coverings; we ensure social distance rules of 2 meters apart and all of our equipment is sanitised before leaving the studio and on location throughout the day.

However for now we are saying hello and here is a little reminder of what we have to offer so when businesses need our services you know where to come.

Video Production – Storyboard / script / film and edit

Introduction videos

Now that businesses are encouraged to return to work, we can help by filming how they are doing this. For most businesses their way of working will have adapted and capturing this as an introduction video to welcome people back into your business is an important part of regaining their trust and custom.

We offer a full video production service and work with you to create an effective, powerful and impactful film. For more information on the way that we work please see our video process here:

Animation / Motion Graphics / 2D / 3D / Character

In light of the world events, many businesses are using animation to showcase how they work. The advantage of using this form of media is that it is very safe to do so and doesn’t require any filming. We can create a new world for you and promote your products, services and business in an easy to understand way. Animation can capture your audience’s attention and compel them to request more information. For information on our animation process please follow the link here:

Website Design and Development

Have you been thinking of a new modern looking website? We can help! We design and build your site so that it works responsively across all devices. With a bespoke layout we ensure that your new site is eye catching and impactful. For more information on the kinds of sites that we design please follow this link:

Digital Marketing

Are you looking for ways to promote your business and simply haven’t got the time to run your social media? We can help by managing this for you. We take control of your online presence and post updates on your behalf to ensure that you reach the right audience at the right time. For more information on this service please follow this link:

Video Training

So you would like to make your own videos, but want them to look professional? We can help by offering complete video training. If you film on your iphone or tablet or good old camcorder we offer industry techniques and broadcast knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of every shot. For more information on this service please follow this link:

Virtual Production and Repurpose Content

Have you got some footage that you would like editing into a professional film. You can send us your footage securely and we can edit this for you, add titles and effects and even animation to show the way you are working now.

Media Consultation and Tuition

Everyone is using Zoom these days for conference meetings, but are they using it as effectively has they could be doing? We offer complete media consultation and tuition to help you make a more professional impression.

Video Academy for Young Filmmakers

Home schooling has become the “norm” and whilst schools are still unable to open we are offering a video academy for young filmmakers.

For more information on our virtual services please follow this link:

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And if we can we help you with video, animation or a website

Contact us today for free chat; the kettle is on, plenty of biscuits and good listeners!