Avoid The Convoluted Answers With Explainer Videos.

When people ask you about your job, do you find yourself explaining a very technical service to people who just don’t know what you mean? Avoid the blank stares by using explainer videos to clarify your companies’ trade.

Complex Industry of Field

Explainer videos are perfect for businesses that are in a very complex industry or a field that no one seems to understand. An explainer video gives viewers an overview of what you do or what a product achieves, showing them step-by-step how it functions. Why should you use explainer videos? Well if people don’t know the jargon or know what your company does then they’re unlikely to use your service, even if it’s exactly what they need.

Short Animations

Explainer videos work best in short animations, because it’s simpler to show how a plant grows in 60 seconds of animation rather than film a plant for weeks on end (for example), especially if your deadline doesn’t allow for it. Using creative graphics can help viewers comprehend technical language or convoluted systems without having to see it in real life, and we can then get deeper into the detail that isn’t typically visible.

How To…

These “How To…” videos can connect a business to their clients, and when people understand the product or service they’re more likely to realise how much they need it.

You Can See Some Animations Here:



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