Animating Superfast Broadband For West Yorkshire.

We recently completed a project for Superfast West Yorkshire and York, which contained lots of animation, designed to show the benefits of their fibre broadband upgrade project.

Superfast Broadband

Having worked previously with Superfast South Yorkshire, we were given a slightly different challenge when discussing the needs of Superfast West Yorkshire and York. We decided it was best to use a mix of live footage and animation that could show how homes and businesses have had the benefit of the Big Build Project in greater detail.

Script & Storyboard

We immediately began creating a script and storyboard that contained all the information needed to precisely explain the impact superfast broadband has had. The major challenge was getting so much content into the timeframe, but by using a clever mix of voice over and imaginative animation we developed an idea that incorporated all the significant aspects and key points of Superfast.

Animation Stage

We then moved on to the animation stage, developing the assets, deciding how characters should move and interact with the objects around them, adding in the brand colours and smaller details, and ensuring the transitions were smooth, making sure the visuals told the story in colourful and creative ways. There were lots of stats to include, so creating compelling text graphics and compatible animations was key. During this time we took trips to Yorkshire to capture the live footage needed to start the video, filming in high quality 4K and then colour grading in post to ensure they were relevant and recognisable locations.

Voice Over & Music

Once the animation was pieced together with the live introduction, we added in a professional voiceover.  We worked with our partner Little Drummer Girl Music for some bespoke music for the project.  This was then sent to the team at Superfast, and after making some adjustments the project was completed, ready for use on their website and social media channels, informing people of the benefits of Super and Ultrafast Broadband.

You Can View The Videos Here


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