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New Technology for Specsavers gets a closer look from Mediabox Productions

We recently had the pleasure of working with Specsavers to create a promotional video which showcased the many benefits of having your eyes tested with their 3D OCT machine. The machine was the 1,000 install at their Arnold, Nottingham branch and they wanted to capture the event which was being attended by the Mayor of Gedling and the actress Sherrie Hewson. There was balloons, cake and champagne to celebrate the install and we were lucky enough to meet and work with screen legend Sherrie Hewson to promote it. The short video shows Sherrie having her eyes tested and using the OCT machine to enable this. Sherrie then goes on to comment about the experience.  The video will be used in promotions online for Specsavers to highlight the importance of its use and ground breaking 3D technology.