Animation – the “new normal”

Really want an animation but unsure how it will work?

The beauty of an animation is there is no filming required.  It is all created in the digital world, not the real world. So if you are worried about face-to-face contact this can all work virtually.

Our animation process had always been to start with pre-production. This is where we plan the project and consult with you about how the video will look, sound and more importantly, what it will ultimately do for you and your business.

We hold zoom meetings with all of our clients, to discuss the storyboards and visuals and plan the scripts. Once we have sign off on both of these elements, we then begin to put the animation together. When we feel that we have something close to finished, we then send our clients an approval copy, which is password protected, for them to feedback on the animation. Once all notes have been received we set about adding these additional details and prepare the main final files.

The files are then sent to our client via a secure download link, for them to use as intended. Up load to their website or social media and watch the views rise and business reach new heights.

All without anyone leaving their homes or businesses. So this process from start to finish is completely safe and effective. To talk to us about the benefits of a animation for your business, why not give us a call today to discuss ideas?

This virtual experience is a great way of demonstrating how your service or product can help and with animation we take the new normal to new worlds.