Getting Going Again After Lockdown.

What is out there?   Is there anyone there?

Now the government has announced filming production can restart again. We have given the guidelines a lot of thought as safety is of the utmost importance to us.. Here at Mediabox Productions we are excited to get going again and to develop new ways of working to continue to provide our services. Like every business coming out of lockdown everyone is a little apprehensive about what is out there. Are you all still there?

As we all begin to reopen we have lots of information to give to clients about new ways of working and what to expect.

Our clients have already been asking us how our film shoots will work and they feel far more comfortable once they know in advance what our procedures will be. For us this has always been apart of our pre-production service as it is all planned before hand. But many businesses have never had to think about this before or how they might present the information to clients beforehand.

Have you thought about how you are going to get that information across yet? Could a video help re-launch your business demonstrating your new ways of working? Can it help to redefine your offer?

We have certainly been considering all of these options and realising that we are all in the same boat helping to kick start the economy and get the UK going again.

We would be interested to hear about your thoughts and how you are, or have prepared for re-opening and of course if we can help by producing you an introduction to the business video.

The video could show how your workplace is social distancing, sanitising, wearing the appropriate PPE and following all the government’s guidelines. It could feature new team members or just a re-fresh of your already established brand. Get in contact with us today and together we can promote your business in this “new normal”