Using Video & Animation To Look Closer At Lasers.

We recently completed a video project with Bristol based laser optics company LumOptica, who work in the modeling, simulation, and designing of laser systems for major organizations such as the US Army, Ministry of Defense, and many more. The video was a mixture of live footage and animation with a professional voice over, and was to be used as part of the company’s booth at SPIE Security & Defense conference in Berlin.

Generating Ideas

After the initial conversations about what they wanted the video to achieve, we began generating ideas that would showcase the work they do, their high-end facilities, and the teams vast knowledge and expertise. We decided the best way to show some of the more complex areas of their work was to include animation as well as live footage. We then developed a script with the help of the team in Bristol, researching some of the key terms that were included in the script so we could ensure that the proposed visuals were accurate and relevant.


Once the storyboard and script were signed off, we set a date for filming, and after a quick road trip down to Bristol we got started on the recording of the footage. Beginning in the meeting room we took many shots of people talking, gesturing, and discussing so we had plenty of footage to use when showcasing the team and their subject knowledge. We then made our way into the lab, where the team had already set up a laser system to film (that unfortunately wasn’t capable of cutting through James Bond). We spent time experimenting with the reflections from the lights and camera angles to see what would not only look attractive but also effectively show the technical aspect of their work. After picking up many great looking shots of the laser shining through various lenses and apertures, we went into the state of the art cleanroom, where they build systems that require a certain level of precision. Because of the nature of the room, our cameraman had to get suited up so we could film the delicate work that happened inside. We then made our way around the office and workshop, picking up footage of people working at their desks and the complex software they use. We filmed everything in 4K for maximum quality and it had a major effect on how the lasers looked on film, making sure the whole system was crisp and detailed.

Developing the Animation

Once we got the footage back we assembled it into an edit and started developing the animation. We had to do extensive research to ensure that we had accurate and relevant representations of a lasers behaviour and the appropriate software the team use. Once it was all pieced together we made our final tweaks and sent it off to LumOptica, who displayed in at their booth at SPIE conference in September.

View Completed Video Here

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